Hello Readers, 

Hope all is well with you guys. I personally have been going through some ups and some downs….who isn’t right! However, I am choosing to looks at those downs in the most positive light that I can. I have learned through many tough experiences that life can be either a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. 

Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare

A beautiful nightmare can be something that scares us or make us cry. It can be one of our worse fears, one of the most difficult obstacles we have ever dealt with but there is beauty in the adversity we face. The beauty is that it can strengthen us not just for ourselves but for us to help others. That nightmare can turn us into a person of strong character with impeccable resilience. 

I have had some extremely troubled times. In fact I’m facing one of the most difficult moments in my life right now and I am choosing to view it as a beautiful nightmare. I am a Christian woman so I rely heavily on biblical instruction and principles to assist me and comfort me with all parts of my life. And what the bible teaches us in Romans 5:3-4 is that we shall rejoice while in tribulation because tribulation produces endurance. In turn endurance turns into hope. This has helped to remind me that even when facing terrible times it is for my benefit. 

Romans 5:3-4

Imagine a life without trials. Who would we be without those learning experiences? Would we have knowledge? Would we have patience? Would we appreciate the good times? Honestly I can’t speak for anyone else but myself and I know for certain without my beautiful nightmares I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. I wouldn’t have any patience and definitely would lack wisdom. 

I was once a weak person. I have struggled with replacing voids with bad behaviors. My past coping mechanisms were only creating more problems and deteriorating my health. My latest coping mechanism has been shopping. (Part of why I started blogging lol) I turned a passion of mine into an obsession. As of lately I have been slowly but surely getting this monkey off my back. I am also taking the necessary steps to pay off the debt that has accumulated from this bad behavior.  I bring this up to encourage someone that it is perfectly alright to have struggles. 

Every person in the world struggles with something. It is important that we find the benefit to our struggles. It is important that no matter how bad it is we find something beautiful about it. It is even more important that we DO NOT cope by using obsessive or addictive behaviors. This will only cause additional struggles and that can take a toll on your financial, mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

drowning in debt, addiction, bad health, no spiritual connection

I know some of my readers are not religious and may not want to use prayer and the bible as a tool to find comfort. (This actually works wonderfully guys) So my advice would be to never be too ashamed to seek help. Talk to someone. Make sure that person has your best interest at heart and is of sound mind. Talking about things can help lift the burden.  Once that burden is lifted you can begin your journey to overcome. The path may be rough but the destination will be well worth it. You must get through your beautiful nightmares to reach your sweet dreams. 

Its okay to ask for help!

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