Encourage and Support: Issa Good Look 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending an event presented by Taliah Waajid. It was the Curls Kinks &Culture Pop Up Festival. This was my first event since I made the decision to begin blogging and I will say that I am so glad I went.

This event was awesome!! I met some really nice ladies who have businesses based right here in Atlanta. I also enjoyed the different musical performances and I especially liked the On The Spot Styling at the Taliah Waajid booths. It was amazing to see some of the stylists in action. Best of all I made some great purchases from the local businesses and found it intriguing that we have so many successful natural hair/ skin product lines in Atlanta.

Product Haul From The CKCFest


Attending this event wasn’t just about my blog, I also wanted to meet some people who were either blogging about similar things or were actively pursuing a business related to natural hair/skincare and fashion. I will admit I have always been passionate about these things but I have no real hands on experience outside of what I do at home and research online. I felt it was time to network and link up with some like minded individuals.

I am also always eager to learn and I’m the first one to admit that I do not know everything. I found this event to be a great learning experience. I found out about some upcoming events in the area that can help me become better at blogging and connecting with brands. I also found it very encouraging to see all my natural sistas unite in one place and not compete with one another. It felt great to see the support amongst the vendors and the attendees. To be perfectly honest this is one of the few times I have experienced that kind of unity first hand. It made me think about how important it is for us to continue networking and supporting one another.

The purpose in networking is to make connections with businesses and like minded people who share an equal passion for the things you love and stand for. I personally have always shied away from networking because I used to feel like I wasn’t up to par or big enough to meet people who were maybe a bit further along than I was. When I decided to start this blog my fear was that no one would read it. And so far I have been correct but this is because I haven’t been networking and putting myself out there. Like seriously, how would anyone know there is a blog to read if I’m not telling anyone.

I watch an insane amount of beauty vloggers on YouTube and I follow so many naturalista instagram accounts that it can be a bit overwhelming if you compare yourself to them. The best thing you can do for yourself is number STOP comparing yourself to them. Each vlogger started out the same way you did. Your next best step is to network. Talk to them, reach out to them, comment on their videos and ask questions, DM, attend local events, etc. It is perfectly okay to reach out to someone who is more knowledgeable or more experienced about what it is you are trying to do. Never forget knowledge is power!

Also,  begin supporting the local businesses. I notice that often the popular vloggers always talk about the products that are mainstream. Although this is great, I either use them or would like to try them out, I also know that there are equally good hair and skin product lines out there that need some exposure. These businesses are within your community. Why not support the community and keep the coins flowing within. Again there is nothing wrong with supporting the mainstream companies but lets face it they made it to where the small business are trying to get to. Lets help the underdog get a piece of the pie.

There are many local businesses that do not get enough recognition. I definitely learned this over the weekend at the Pop Up Festival. I have never even heard of some of these businesses and I must say they have wonderful products. Feel free to check them out in the links below.

More importantly lets always make it a priority to support our own. We have to compete against some of the most trying situations this world offers us. I really felt so much encouragement from just attending the CKCFest this weekend. I can only imagine how the people performing and selling their products felt. It was a great joy to see everyone being pleasant and complimenting one another. I am all about love and peace. I feel by networking and supporting your community you can really change someone’s life or outlook on things. I know the ladies I had the pleasure of speaking with definitely changed mine.

Here are the local companies I chose to support. Check them Out!

Lifestyle of a City Girl: Cute Affordable Fashion     Natural Handmade Bar Soap

Natural Skincare System: Use Code KLALOYALIST

Try Everything Butter. Its really EVERYTHING!!

Need help bringing your coils back to life try this Cleansing and Conditining Clay





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