A Fresh Start

Hello Everyone!

This blog is intended for all women of all shades and backgrounds. My main goal is to provide insight on different beauty products, including but not limited to natural products that you can find right in your home. I also want to bring awareness to the fact that you can be beautiful and fashionable without breaking the bank.

I have noticed that too often the media portrays beauty by dressing it up with expensive clothing and jewelry. Now don’t get me wrong, I love fashion so I’m all for the top designers in the industry. However, lets be real…. In my reality, as well as many others, bills need to be paid and sometimes you can’t splurge on those latest trends. It’s absolutely fine if you can’t because I’m here to show you that you can look the part for less. You can be a fashionista and not die of famine…lol

My motivation for this blog is that I am learning to be more frugal with my spending. I have had some poor spending habits in the past and I am focused on saving more and spending less. The only thing about living more frugal is that I have a passion for make-up and clothes. I love to look nice but I also realize that material things are not a priority over being financially stable.

I also decided to start blogging because I have a true passion for hair and make up. I am not a professional but I think I can do a pretty good face beat considering that I am self taught. My goal is to help other beginners feel more confident in their skill and also provide insight on the products that are high quality but low in cost. I also will focus on make up for my fellow chocolate toned women because I know how hard it is to come by.


Lastly, I am a natural hair sistah and I love my hair. It has never been more healthy and I am always finding new ways to style and keep it maintained. I want to provide those beginning their natural hair journey with some tips, motivation and encouragement because it can be an intense journey.

I hope you all enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment and let me know if you have questions or if you have suggestions on anything. I am open to all feedback.



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